Is There A Recipe Book For People With Gout? – Gout Treatment And Prevention Diet

My husband has been diagnosed with gout and the list of foods you’re not supposed to eat is quite lengthy and the list of foods you are allowed is very tiny! Help! I am also diabetic so this will be interesting.

The above question was asked to us and I thought it will be good and answer it here:

Typically, a gout cook book will recommend that gout patients need to reduce their sugar and carbohydrates intake. According to research, sugar actually increases the amount of uric acid in the blood, which can easily cause gout to develop. In addition, sugar consumption has been linked with many disorders such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Hence, most gout cook books will advise us to avoid high sugar content food like cakes, biscuits, pastries, ice-cream or chocolate.

Another tip from the gout cook book is to stay away from processed or pre-packaged food such as cornflakes. This is because salt is commonly used as a preservative in such cases and will produce excessive uric acid in the blood. If there’s a need for flavoring, you can try to use herbs or spices instead.

Avoid or restrict foods high in purine (a substance that produces uric acid when broken down). These foods include: sardines, anchovies, brains, liver, kidneys, tripe, sweetbreads, tongue, shellfish (mussels and oysters), fish roe, scallops, peas, lentils, beans and an excessive amount of red meat.
Drink 10 to 12 eight-ounce glasses of non-alcoholic fluids daily

I have been always told that seafood is a no-no along with other rich foods. There are meds out now to treat the gout. Drag your Dad to the Dr. and if he is like mine good luck with that!!!

Cherries! Lots of bing and other edible cherries.

That and a very careful diet to avoid the known gout-producing foods.

Cherries are great and there is a product from Health Force Nationals called Truly Natural Vitamin C that is derived solely from cherries and tastes great.

Also, Utica Urens is a homeopathic remedy that my brother has experienced relief from using. You can pick it up at any health food store in a 30c.

My grandmother and my uncle both had gout that would cause them to not be able to walk at all. One thing that worked for them was limu, it has anti-inflammatory properties. Within hours the pain started to subside and in two days they were up walking around. To get more info on limu go to for more information. That was about two years ago and neither has complained since. Plus i think it helps with diabetes since it boosts your immune system. All Natural products

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