With the Epping Dentist Leading the Fight against Gum Disease, We can maintain Healthy Teeth

One of the main dental problems that can affect anyone of any age is gum disease. Thisgum disease Eppingcan affect both the old and young. It develops slowly and may not abruptly increase the pain being experienced by a person. This makes it hard for people to realize that the condition has worsened until it is too late. In a worst case scenario, people may lose their teeth. Fortunately, especially if diagnosed early, gum disease can be completely treated and reversed.

Just how does this condition occur?

Our teeth are firmly held in place by healthy bone and gums. Gum infections will affect the connection between the teeth and jawbone. One of the conditions that adversely affectsgums is plaque which comprises of a pale yellow substance containing colonies of bacteria. Every day,plaque forms where your gums and teeth meet. When plaque is not removed by simple brushing and flossing, it develops into a harder substance referred to as calculus. Calculus cannot be easily removed by simple brushing. It can further lead to gum infection and disease. Gum infection and inflammation is called gingivitis. Sometimes, when you brush your teeth inappropriately, your gums get red and may even bleed.

Why should you visit a dentist regularly?

It is highly recommended that you visit a dentist at least once every six months. It has been shown that regular dental checkups play an important role in safeguarding the health of your teeth and gums. In between your scheduled visits,make sure that you keep your oral hygiene at its best. If you feel something is wrong, arrange additional visits with your dentist. As to what happens during a regular dental checkup,a dental examination is conducted to assess the status of your oral health. Your gums will be checked to look for any potential problems. A head and neck evaluation will be done. An Epping dentistwill also look for any indications of diabetes, oral cancer, or nutritional deficiencies. Scaling and cleaning your teeth can be a part of the checkup. In the end, your dentist will stress on the significance of taking care of your oral hygiene at home.

Dentists always pay a great deal of attention to tartar and plaque, which are the common causes of teeth and gum infection if left unchecked. The more they build up, the more susceptible one becomes to infection. Things that can stain a person’s teeth are tobacco, beverages and foodstuffs. When they are not removed, soft plaques get attached to the teeth and irritate your gum tissue. If left untreated, gum disease is inevitable.

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