Severe GERD Symptoms That Should Not Be Ignored

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (acid reflux) or GERD is one of the foreseeable curses caused by modern day lifestyle where irregularities prove more prominent than normal behavior pattern. The esophagus that carries our food from the mouth to the door of the stomach has a one way valve, colloquially called a sphincter, to allow the foodstuff to enter into the stomach only and not vice versa. But years of unhealthy lifestyle, consumption of food and drink that are positively harmful for the body has turned that faithful valve to loosen up, occasionally spilling some of the acidic stomach content up through the esophagus in a reflux form when all hell breaks lose. Although the stomach has been provided with ample mucus coating to counteract the strong hydrochloric acid that is secreted by the body for digestion purpose, the poor esophagus has no such protective coating to safeguard its sensitive walls against the acidic stomach residue. As a result, the esophagus gets badly irritated and the affected person feel as if his/her innards are all aflame. This is how the much talked about “heartburn” is born.

Sensitive, health conscious people, as soon as they are diagnosed with acid reflux, go for treatment of this distressing disease condition but others often ignore the situation as “heartburns” come and go with change of food, change of season and even change of mood. But this negligence creates severe GERD symptoms that may include inflammation and bleeding in the esophagus, development of esophageal ulcers, dysphagia, gastro-intestinal bleeding, odynophagia, iron- deficiency anemia, choking and chest pain. Moreover, longer delay in the treatment of GERD can cause narrowing of the esophagus because of scar tissue formation as also carcinoma. Severe GERD symptoms also include Barrett’s esophagus that often lead to cancer. It has been estimated that around one in hundred who have severely damaged esophagus lining succumb to cancer at an early age. Mistreated or neglected GERD has reportedly been responsible for Pulmonary Fibrosis and other complications of the respiratory system.

Apart from unhealthy lifestyle that frequently gives rise to gastroesophageal reflux disease, GERD often turns severe since its diagnosis involves exhaustive tests and investigations that people generally try to avoid. Also, the severity of some of its symptoms usually goes away with the administration of simple antacids that are available as over-the-counter medications all over the country. On top of that is the newly developed, habit forming acid suppressing drugs that tend to keep gastroesophageal reflux disease in a dormant state, only to come out in a more virulent form whenever such drugs are temporarily withdrawn.

Yet another case of severe acid reflux symptom concerns hiatus hernia heartburn. Though not very common, this type of GERD heartburn is a health hazard and should be treated at the earliest. Unfortunately, hiatus hernia is a frequently misunderstood condition which occurs when a person’s stomach muscle moves in an upward direction through a distended hiatus. In fact, there are three different forms of hiatus hernias of which the first type is the sliding hiatus hernia. This occurs when a portion of the stomach that has come up through the hiatus slides back and forth through the chest cavity. This type of hiatus hernia is rather harmless. So is the second type. However, the third form of hiatus hernia which is known as Serious Hiatus Hernia where the entire stomach moves up in the chest creates severe GERD symptoms that involve continuous heartburn and chest pain till the complication is reversed.

Severe acid reflux symptoms need to be taken care of early. But luckily, there are holistic remedies that can treat the body as a whole and identify all the contributing factors and then can eradicate them all. Holistic remedies treat the root causes of GERD and not just the symptoms, and this is why the problem is solved for good. The GERD never again comes back with holistic remedies.

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