Fire Is Not The Only ThingThat Can Burn The Skin

Do you know how your skin can get fire damage to it? You can get it from the sun, tanning beds and fires. They can leave you with first, second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth degree burns. They can be excruciatingly painful and live threatening. The burns can leave blisters, scars, remove skin completely and damage nerves. People that get burned badly may have to be hospitalized because the damage to the body is so great.

Even though the sun is not an actual fire that touches your skin, it can still cause burns. When you have been overexposed to the sun, your skin will turn red and be extremely sensitive to the touch. It will burn just like you had touched a hot stove eye or an iron. Severe sunburn can cause blistering, swelling, peeling, and cancers to the skin if it is burned really badly. You need to wear sun block or sunscreen to protect your skin for the rays of the sun. Too much ultra violet rays are bad for the skin and that is what can cause skin cancer. On a more minor scale, it can also cause sun spots. You need to get the right kind of sun block for your body. Children are especially sensitive to the sun and need to always be protected by sun block when outdoors whether it is sunny or cloudy.

Tanning beds are not really the best thing to use to get a tan because if you are in there too long they can do damage to skin as well. It can make your skin really red and sore just like the sun. Tanning beds are also thought to cause some skin cancer when they are used too frequently, but many scientists are still not sure how frequently is too frequently. You must always wear eye protection when you are in a tanning bed. They can damage your eyes severely if you do not.

People who are burned severely by fire itself will often have permanent disfigurements. Even though skin grafting has come a long way, as well as other reconstructive surgeries that can be used to correct skin damage caused by fire, in some cases there is only so much that can be done. Even when it is possible to reconstruct an area of the body that was terribly burned, it often takes years to complete the procedure because sometimes only so much work can be done at once and the healing process must take place before another attempt can be made to produce better results.

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