Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Early detection of this disease means early treatment. But the symptoms of prostate cancer in the early stages are often non-existent if not altogether absent

Urinary problems are usually the earliest signs to present themselves. These in themselves may be misleading as they are the same for both non-cancerous and cancerous tumors.

It is important to be tested to be sure that there is the presence of cancer and to know how advanced it is.

Symptoms of prostate cancer are:

— Frequency of urination especially at night

— leaking of urine and difficulty in starting urination

— painful or burning sensation in urination

— weak stream of urine

— blood in the urine

— difficulties in erection

— pain when ejaculating

— swelling in the legs and discomfort in the hips

— lower back pain with stiffness

— loss of weight

By careful screening the doctor will be able to advice on the patient’s exact status.

Go and get tested once you notice symptoms of prostate cancer, it will allow for early treatment and arrest the spread of the disease.

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