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About Us

Who We Are

Your Magical Events was born when family and friends were together and we finally
realized how much we loved planning parties. We love coming up with new and fun
ideas to entertain friends and family. We decided it was time to share our gift with
others. We started assisting in the creation of the celebrations of more friends and
family and Your Magical Events arrived!


Your Magical Events was the brainchild of Mandi Loranger.
She started the business after a budget cut at her full time
job found her unemployed. She often received praise on her
party designing skills and decided to make a go of it.
Through the love and support of her loved ones, she
ventured out into the party planning world. She can’t wait to
have more people on her team! Visit Mandi’s wedding
photography business, Memories by Mandi, at

Your Special Events, Baltimore, MD             Contact us – [email protected]
Rebecca Restrepo, older sister of Mandi Loranger,
practically begged to be a part of Your Magical Events. An
organizer by nature, Rebecca brings her skills in crafting,
creating and brain storming. Her specialties include color
combinations, time lines and creating those one of kind
favors and decorations. She is very happy to be a part of the
YME team! Visit Rebecca’s blog at
thriftygoodness.blogspot.com and view her creations and
designs at

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