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Why can’t I do the planning myself?

You Can! But at times, planning the biggest event of your life can be overwhelming. A professional bridal consultant can save you time, save you money and save you stress! Uniquely Special Events will work with you, always remembering that this is YOUR wedding, we simply want to help you enjoy every moment!

Why do I need a Wedding Consultant?

A wedding consultant will help you make the most of your time and budget. We will be your friend, advisor, advocate, and shoulder to cry on. Your coordinator, financial planner, mediator, and even referee! In short, by taking on the details and guiding you through the planning, we will make sure you actually enjoy the entire wedding planning process and wedding weekend! After all it’s your wedding, shouldn’t you enjoy it?

The Location I have chosen has an on-site coordinator. Why do I need someone else?

Most banquet facilities have staff, that in addition to other duties, also act as wedding coordinators. Their main concern of course is making sure everything their property is responsible for is taken care of. Most of them are extremely professional and experienced. However, some locations have multiple events going on at the same time. If personal attention is important to you, then hiring a professional consultant to attend to only your needs, from the ceremony site to the reception is a desired choice. Your location site may not have the staff to handle small emergencies that might make a big difference, and of course sometimes staff changes over and you may be left with someone who is not involved in your wedding from start to finish.

What qualities should I look for in a consultant?

You will spend a large amount of time with your consultant, before and on the day of your wedding. You should look for someone that you are comfortable with, someone that you can trust with the most important day of your life!

How can I tell if a consultant is reputable?

Be sure to ask the consultant during your initial interview what kind of education and experience they have. Does the consultant belong to a reputable Bridal Association such as The Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC)? ABC members agree to uphold a Code of Ethics and Standards of membership. Uniquely Special Events is in the process of applying for membership with ABC.

Do Bridal Consultants get “kickbacks” from suppliers?

Uniquely Special Events does not accept commissions or kick-backs from vendors, instead we believe in giving any discounts offered back to the bride…thus saving the bride money by hiring reputable vendors. At no time do we ask for, solicit, or accept kickbacks, commissions, or booking fees from any of our vendors. Please know that when we refer a vendor to you for booking, we are doing so based upon their reputation and work ethic, not because it would benefit us!

What will a consultant charge?

Some consultants charge an hourly fee, some a percentage of your wedding budget, some charge a flat fee. All are acceptable ways of charging for services. Uniquely Special Events charges a flat fee based upon the complexity of your event and the extend to which we are involved. Overall, our goal is to assist you in planning your dream wedding, within your budget. It is our goal to save you money and time in all areas of your planning….in the end, we know we will be the “best money that you spend!”

Do you book multiple events on the same day?

No, we only book one event per day. We feel it is important to devote as much time as possible to our clients on the day of their event.

Do you require a contract?

Yes, in order to retain our services a contract is required. The contract will outline the details of your event as well as any services to be performed by Uniquely Special Events.

Are you available for Commitment Ceremonies?

We would be honored to be part of your special day. Please call us for more information

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