The truth about pioglitazone side effects

Pioglitazone side effectshave been quite an issue for a long time in the medical world leaving researchers wondering how they can better the product. Concerned Researchers however have done quite a bit in finding ways of reducing the side effects and educating their consumers on these issues.Pioglitazone Side Effects

You are therefore advised to inform your doctor in advance in case you are under the prescription of any of the above named medication before using Pioglitazone.

Pioglitazone drug has also been found to interact with other incoming or already existing diseases and leading to even more hazardous health complications.

Use of Pioglitazone in patients with congestive heart failure for example may lead to fluid retention, worsening or onset of edema, onset of dyspnea, myocardial infarction, angina, increased heart failure, cardiovascular hospitalization and death in severe cases.

Similarly, use of Pioglitazone in patients with anemia will cause decrease in levels of hemoglobin, difficulty in breathing and minor heart failure symptoms. Other disease that interact negatively with Pioglitazone include edema, type I diabetes, obesity, diabetes ketoacidosis, premenopausal Anovulation, liver disease, hypertension, pleural effusion, or eye disease.

Use of Pioglitazone needs a close interaction and clear communication between the patient and the doctor so as to exchange any vital information such as other disease history, allergies or use of any other drugs that might pose a risk due to their interaction with Pioglitazone drug. It is highly advised that you never use Pioglitazone before consulting the doctor so as to minimize or better still avoid any Pioglitazone side effects.

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