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posted by Savanah on Dec 19

The ability to access the internet from almost anywhere in the world is making it more and more important for people to have a single place where they can bookmark favorites — whether those favorites are shopping product pages, how to videos, or the latest international news stories.

The earliest web browsers had tools that allowed users to save their “favorites” or “bookmarks,” the two terms are used interchangeably online. It was easy to quickly create massively lists with folders and subfolders to organize links by categories. Some people who have been online for a decade or more actually have bookmarks that date back to the early 1990s. They simply imported the favorites each time they upgraded to a new computer.

As more and more people began using multiple computers , it became necessary to find a way to store bookmarks in a central location. Initially it was because people had both a desktop and a laptop computer or one for home and work or home and school. Nowadays people have home, work, laptop, smartphone, and possibly another device like an iPad. And each of those have browsers with saved bookmarks. The solution is to get an account on an online bookmark site. This way they are able to access their bookmarks from any device with internet access and web browser. This is why there are so many different bookmark sites out there, filling this vital need.

posted by Savanah on Oct 17

Starting a new web endeavor begins with selecting and registering a domain for the main website. If you’ve never done so before, the process can be a bit confusing, but it’s really easier than you think. Start by identifying the main purpose of your site: business, organizational, and personal are the main options. This helps you determine whether you’re registering a top level domain, a .org, or choosing from the personal options of .net, .us, .ws, and .info.

For personal sites you may want to head straight for your own name. If it’s not common, it’s probably still available. If it’s not, consider a nickname, pet name, or combination of favorite colors, animals, flowers, etc. If it’s a hobby-based or interest-based site, that may suggest other descriptive domain names .

For business site you’ll want to try to match your company name or primary product/service as closely as possible for your domain name. If possible, create an identifiable brand and register that, even if it means changing your company name. Brands have more staying power when a company’s products and services may change over time.

Once you’ve selected a name and several alternatives, you’ll want to go to a domain registrar and see if your first choice is available. Once you find an available option that works for you, register it and start your site.

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