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Orlando, Florida

Sinkholes can occur throughout Florida, causing structural damage to your house.  If you notice cracks in your foundation, flooring, walls or steps, this may be the result of sinkhole activity beneath your house.  With a sinkhole, time is of the essence to try and prevent further damage to your house.  Our ” work with experienced and independent engineers, contractors, geologists and other professionals to determine sinkhole damage.  Through this team effort, we can recommend appropriate steps to repair your house and stabilize the sinkhole.

Florida law requires all insurance companies that issue property insurance in Florida to provide coverage for damage caused by sinkholes.  Even though you have coverage for sinkhole damage, some ” still refuse to pay your claim, often stating that the property damage was caused by something else.  In other instances, the insurance company may agree that the source of the property damage is from a sinkhole, but attempt to settle your claim for less money than the actual damages are. 

If the damage to your house is the result of a sinkhole, you may be able to file for compensation from your insurance company for the damage caused to your house.  Our attorneys have experience in helping resolve such disputes with the insurance company.  Therefore, if you live anywhere in Florida and feel your house may have been affected by sinkhole activity, please ” today.

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